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Meet Our Founders

Elijah Desmond

Co-Founder/Owner of Dental Pitch Brokerage

Matt Ornstein

Co-Founder/Owner of Dental Pitch Brokerage
Owner of Oak Dental Partners DSO

Managing Director

Jason Brown

Managing Director for Dental Pitch Brokerage
Managing Director of Oak Dental Partners DSO

Meet Our Board Of Advisors

Brian Colao

Member & Director of the DSO Industry Group at Dykema Law Firm

Dr. Amar Kaur, DDS

Founder & President of Women in DSO

Dr. Don Miloni, DDS

Founder & CEO of Renew Anchored Dentures
Co-Founder of ClearChoice Dental Implants

Mitch Olan

Former COO & CEO of Dental Care Alliance

Amol Nirgudkar

Founder & CEO of Patient Prism

Dr. Mike Knight, DDS

President of Board of Directors for the Georgia Dental Association

Eric White, Attorney

Dykema Law Firm ~ Member specializing in dental law & transactions

Dr. Mary Pham, DDS

CEO/Founder of Lollipop Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Kevin Kremer, DDS

CEO/Founder of Kremer Dental Care
CEO/Founder of Kremer Leadership Institute

Doug Brown

Managing Partner/Co-Founder of Dental Innovation Alliance

Rondi Michaux

Director of strategic accounts at iCreditWorks

Christine Sison

CEO/Founder of Swiss Monkey, Inc (Dental Staffing)

Matt Kaynard, Attorney

President & COO of Fortem Holdings (Private Equity)

Monty Dise

Managing Director, Hub International (Insurance)

Trevor Maurer