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Dr. Eric J. Roman

Dr Eric J Roman started his professional journey as a dentist, but soon became the CEO of fast growing, multi-location dental groups that generated over $200m in care during his leadership.  Eric strategically led his DSO through an exit in 2019 and chose to step out of DSO leadership to pursue a more balanced life.  His next growth phase came in the form of executive coaching and thought leadership, both inside and outside the dental industry.  As one of the dental industry’s most esteemed experts on team dynamics, emerging DSO operations and associate dentist development, Eric spent several years coaching a community of more than $3B in annual revenue through the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization.   After his tenure at the DEO, Eric shifted his energy toward addressing an alarming trend:  data is showing that, despite the success of our businesses, entrepreneurs and their teams are continually less fulfilled in their personal lives.  To solve this, Eric developed the 1LifeSystem, a simple, recurring digital retreat that delivers personal fulfillment without sacrificing professional success.  Whether it’s as a 6x founder, operator, advisor, or investor, Eric loves to put his energy toward moving our industry forward. and

Eric J Roman