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Rondi Michaux

Director of strategic accounts at iCreditWorks

Rondi Michaux, Director of Strategic Accounts for iCreditWorks with an extensive 29-year tenure in the dental industry. I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to the table, with 18 years spent in private practice before transitioning into the DSO space. I’ve navigated diverse landscapes, leading sourcing and affiliation strategies for some of the largest private equity backed dental support organizations. My expertise extends beyond traditional roles having also lead Marketing, IT and Recruitment services across 67 locations.
Rooted in motivation, my leadership style empowers teams to excel while cultivating environments of growth and innovation. I thrive on forging new network connections and expanding opportunities, consistently driving business growth and fostering lasting partnerships. My unwavering passion for the dental industry fuels my dedication to delivering exceptional results, driving successes in any endeavor.
In the late ‘90s, Brown invited ten dental industry leaders into a study group that he led which eventually led to the formation of the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO), which now has hundreds of members, both DSOs and industry partners. He has continually held leadership positions within ADSO, including previously serving as President. He now serves on ADSO’s Executive and Membership Committees. Brown previously worked for Arthur Young & Company as a CPA, held executive positions in multi-unit retail companies, and led a management consulting firm that he co-founded.
Brown holds a B.S. and an M.B.A. degree from Duke University and the Fuqua School of Business, respectively. He serves on ten boards, both for-profit and not-for-profit, most of which are in the dental industry. He has served on the Dean’s Advisory Board for UNC Adams School of Dentistry for five years, and previously served on the Dean’s Advisory Board for UIC at Chicago School of Dentistry. He chaired the first conference of international DSO CEOs, which was sponsored by Straumann International.
Over the years, Brown has personally invested in and advised multiple early-stage technology companies and four dental support organizations. He is the Founder, Chairman and a benefactor to Local Start Dental, an innovative non-profit dental clinic and learning center in Durham, NC. Local Start Dental exists to serve the underserved, but also as a collaboration between the UNC Adams School of Dentistry and several global dental companies to educate general dentists in advanced dental techniques.
In 2022 he co-founded Dental Innovation Alliance (“DIA”), a dental technology venture firm, which now includes as its investors some of the top executives in the dental industry. He is Managing Partner for DIA, which has an investor base of over forty US dental leaders and dentists.