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Mitch Olan

Former COO & CEO of Dental Care Alliance

Mitch has dedicated the past 30 years to building Dental Care Alliance. DCA is recognized as one of the largest DSO’s in the country with over 420 locations in 22 states. At Dental Care Alliance, Mitch served for 18 years as chief operating officer, chief executive officer for seven years, and executive chairman for five years.
Prior to joining DCA Mitch was Senior Vice President of Optioncare Inc., a publicly traded home infusion therapy organization with over 400 locations nationwide. Mitch began his career at ORMCO Corporation holding various roles in sales and management over a ten-year period. ORMCO is the country’s largest manufacturer and marketer of orthodontic appliances.
Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, obtained from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. As a father to two grown children and a husband to wife, Lisa, Mitch resides in the beautiful Sarasota, Florida.