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Eric White, Attorney

Dykema Law Firm ~ Member specializing in dental law & transactions

Eric White builds bridges for a living. In a market in which unforeseen variables arise and volatility is the norm, Eric brings a quiet confidence to the table for each of his clients. His unique ability to impose order upon chaos is why he’s earned a reputation for delivering results that
satisfy even the most diametrically opposed parties. An assistant leader of the firm’s corporate finance practice group, Eric has directed the structuring and investment strategies of a diverse list of private companies. For him, each case is built from the ground up. Leveraging his extensive experience representing financial institutions, Eric is able to identify problems long before they arise and illustrate every possible path to success for his clients. He understands that time is one of the most valuable currencies we have, so he works
towards the most efficient solution possible. Eric has accomplished these feats for domestic and international financial and strategic buyers, sellers, and investors in connection with private mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and other private equity
investments, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations, along with lending, subordinated debt investments, and similar transactions. Barring extraordinary circumstances, Eric has completed these deals on time and on budget in the industries of health care (managed
services, SAAS, primary, secondary and tertiary service providers, etc.), energy, and manufacturing. Eric believes that effective collaboration is the only path to success.
He prides himself in knowing his clients well enough to create cohesion, factor in their strengths and weaknesses, and streamline the entire process. Go ahead and add “olive branch grower” to his resume too.