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Amol Nirgudkar

Founder & CEO of Patient Prism

Amol Nirgudkar helps dental practices grow and reach their revenue and profit goals. As a certified public accountant, business consultant, author, and inventor, he has 20 years of experience working with dental practices and groups. He is the co-founder of Patient Prism, an award-winning call and lead tracking software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence improve marketing performance, sales delivery, and operational efficiencies within dental support organizations. Patient Prism employs advanced artificial intelligence to optimize dental marketing strategies, ensuring the acquisition of the most valuable patients. This technology not only facilitates patient conversion into scheduled appointments but also promptly identifies and addresses any operational challenges, guaranteeing the successful completion of patient treatments. Amol has five patents to his credit. He is also one of the most well-known and highly followed thought leaders in dentistry and shares his knowledge abundantly via social media platforms. On a personal note, Amol has traveled around the country and the world accompanying his piano prodigy daughter for concerts and competitions. In 2022, in the midst of war, Amol and his daughter Ovie took a humanitarian trip to Ukraine and helped refugees that were affected by the war.